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Starre van der, E.E. (Eric)

16 mei 2017

E.E. (Eric) van der Starre

Eric van der Starre brings over 35 years of extensive practical and technical knowledge of EU Customs legislation. He has a proven track record of managing multi-disciplined and geographically dispersed teams, cross business group resources, solution partners and third party vendors in order to maximize compliance awareness and visibility in Customs, Export Controls and Supply Chain Security. Eric spent almost 20 years as a regulator with the Dutch Customs Authorities. His industry experience includes a variety of senior compliance roles for companies like Royal Philips, NXP, Akzo Nobel and Huntsman where he served as global head of the Corporate International Trade Compliance department. Since 2014 Eric is working as an independent Trade compliance consultant.

Eric applies a pragmatic approach to compliance, education & training, and has been presenting to audiences at all levels within governments and business.

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