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Artz – Kuylaars, U.C.A. (Ursula)

23 maart 2017

U.C.A. (Ursula) Artz-Kuylaars

Ursula Artz  is Deputy Global AML Sanctions Officer of Rabobank Group. Ursula is providing expert advisory services to business and senior management and gives strategic direction and recommendations for AML/CTF and Sanctions Compliance program enhancements. She is ensuring for consistency in client due diligence activities conducted across all regions and business lines, including additional due diligence and enhanced due diligence matters. She assist in defining and managing the AML/CTF Program including the risk assessment methodology, governance/processes and analysis, and action plan. Before starting to work in this role, she worked as an senior consultant specializing in (internal) investigations and compliance related matters. Ursula has experience in both the business itself as in compliance and has gained international work experience over the years (particularly Europe, the United States, Asia and Pacific). Her expertise lies in customer integrity, sanctions, crisis management, fraud and anti-bribery and corruption.

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