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DSI Integrity Program Retail

With the DSI Integrity programs we want to give you, as an employee within the financial services, handles for integrity in your daily activities. We want to achieve this by making you aware of the special relationship that you maintain with your customer through online programs and workshops. After all, the customer trusts that you act as an expert in a careful, interpretable and steadfast manner. The DSI Integrity Programs are therefore primarily intended to help you carefully weigh interests and deal with rules.

The online program gives you as a participant basic knowledge of various aspects in the field of ethics, integrity, behavior and culture. After going through the online program, the content will remain available for you for a year as a reference book. So you can see at a later time how it was again. The online program is concluded with a knowledge test.

For consultants, additional requirements apply from ESMA / DSI. For them, the online program is therefore followed by a workshop. You can not be registered without attending the workshop. The workshops are at various Van der Valk locations in the Netherlands. After registering for the E-Learning you can register for the workshop. The workshop will also be concluded with a test. If you have successfully completed the module, you will receive a certificate. The Dutch Compliance Institute communicates the successors of each module to DSI, so DSI can process this in its registers.

Note: with the button below you will be redirected to our Academy. After registration you can continue to register for the DSI Integrity Program Retail.

The costs for the E-Learning amount to € 225,00 ex VAT
The costs for the E-Learning and the workshop are € 745,00 ex VAT

The costs will be charged afterwards.

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